The Charmil Y Davis Foundation for Colon Cancer Support and Prevention

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Our Mission Statement

 “Our mission is to improve the well-being of cancer patients by lending a hand for emotional, mental and physical support along with providing enough resources to obtain genetic screening at a reduced to no cost so that cancer can be diagnosed and prevented early on” 


What is Lynch Syndrome?

Lynch Syndrome is a strongly genetic condition that causes up to 12 cancers in the body including colon, breast, ovarian, prostate, skin, etc. What makes Lynch Syndrome worse than just any cancer is that Lynch Syndrome can cause further types of cancers in one’s body. Once one gets treated, it does not mean that his or her is permanently gone; they have to regularly monitor to see if other parts of their body got cancer or not.


Relapse is common among Lynch Syndrome patients unless they take strict precautions such as getting tested (i.e. PET scan) every 3 months or so. It is SO important that those have Lynch Syndrome know beforehand. Research shows that about 95% of people who do have Lynch Syndrome do not even know that they have Lynch Syndrome, which is a major problem in our healthcare community. The unawareness of Lynch Syndrome is due to a lack of promotion of genetic screening. Genetic screening is VERY important because it can make an individual aware of whether or not they have any kind of genetic condition. Genetic conditions are not easily treatable because these conditions, unlike some environmental conditions, cannot be treated very rapidly. Therefore, genetic screening is ESSENTIAL to a person’s well-being because many, many people are not fully aware of their family history.

Why the CYD Foundation?

There are many things that make us different from other nonprofits. First, we are spreading for Lynch Syndrome and Colon Cancer through Lynch Syndrome. Colon Cancer is the second leading cause of cancer in the United States, and 3% of it is caused by Lynch Syndrome, which in retrospect may not seem a lot BUT millions die from colon cancer each year; therefore, thousands die from colon cancer due to Lynch Syndrome EVERY YEAR! Second, we have 3 citations (two in the city of Brooklyn, NY and one in the city of New Brunswick, NJ) and 2 proclamations (one from the Mayor James Cahill of New Brunswick, NJ and one from NJ Governor Phil Murphy). These citations and proclamations can be viewed HERE! Third, we managed to partner with and fundraise for the NBA team Brooklyn Nets and the NFL team New York Jets within the same year! Fourth, we have our foundation’s own American Girl doll called Charmil Y, who represents the life of our founder and CEO, Charmil Y Davis. We want to donate the Charmil Y dolls across hospitals in the United States and Africa to young girls who are battling cancer. We are very dedicated to spreading awareness about Lynch Syndrome and promoting genetic screening to those who may be are susceptible to Lynch Syndrome. We eventually want to reduce costs for genetic screening so that people can easily get genetically screened without worrying about the high costs associated.


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